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As a trombone player, I gotta say hearing a good gliss is like icing on top the cake. This song is great, I"m just starting to get into Ska so I don't know much about style or anything. As far as I'm concerned, your band is great and seems to be getting better through the songs I've been listening to on here.

HyruleanHyroe responds:

Right on bro! Thanks for the kind words!

11 minutes of enjoyment.

I usually don't hear a lot of bass in your songs, I really love this one. I love bass. Anyway, this song is really up beat, samba beat. The steady beat makes all the random sounds seem fine.

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Number7even responds:

WOW! You got it! =) Thank you, i love that you can enjoy it

Really liked it. Sounded like a record :P

At around 3:11 clicks started happening, that was kinda annoying but other than that I really liked the song. Chaotic, but was still rhythmically together. Great job!

Good :)

Vocals and the loop behind it are great but felt like they were off at times, though that could just be the guitar messing with my ears. I think if you take another look at the guitar it could be better. It sounds in the beginning like it'd be something ZZ Top plays. The style gets better with the guitar as the song progresses, but it sounds off. Drums could use some more intensity in my opinion, but at the least they need to be looked at in the beginning. A bit off with the loop.

Number7even responds:

I agree, I intentionally broke the rhythm in order to create tension

A few things would help

Love the beginning, a suggestion for the space of cymbols would be to add a few crashes on the cymbol right before the guitar comes in. I think it would add to it and give it a great sound for the guitar to come in on with the same effect of startling volume. The guitar entrances are good other than the first one I was talking about. You should try different sounds with the guitar, try different pedals. I didn't really like how the overdrive sounded with the synth, just didn't jive with me. Also at the end with the strings, they do not fit at all. They just seem completely out of place considering they don't have a part in any other part of the song. Take those out and the ending would actually be perfect with just the piano.

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Number7even responds:

Thanks once again! I love the idea about the crashes, I will definitely be implementing that in my final cut. The violins appear for the first time when the overdrive guitar hits for round 2. They play in unison with the guitar track.

Embellish the cymbal part

Pretty good up to 1:26. Having 24 seconds of a cymbol doing the same rhythm the entire time is really not the best. The rest of the song can hold it's own for the most part.

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Number7even responds:

Thanks for your insights man. You are a true friend =)

Good work

Drums are good in the beginning, I liked their volume. The crescendo of the drums was nice at 00:52, they still sounded good at that volume. After the guitar comes in, the piano gets drowned out at places, may want to raise it's volume. The ending was a good cap for the song. I found it was hard to pick a melody out again though, the beginning the main focus being the drums, then after that nothing stands out.

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Number7even responds:

Thank you vey much for your in-depth review! I'm sorry that the subtle melodies didn't sing to you later on in the song like they do with me, however, I appreciate the critique and it has been added to my notes when it comes time to master the track. Take care =)

A good start

The guitar is good, but the song lacks a melody, you have here just the chord backgrounds for one. Drums could possibly have a bit more embellishment too, but what you have is a good basic beat for them :)

Number7even responds:

Wow, I'd definitely be lying if I didn't express that I'm a little bit hurt by the review of 3. However, we all have room for growth and I am currently working with a much more talented guitarist that me. Make sure you give the redone version of the song a more careful listen and try and feel what the melodies are trying to convey. Have a good one =)

I'll buy it.

I can truthfully give this album a five, I didn't hear one song that I disliked. They're all great and fun, smooth, just epic all around.



You got what you wanted in the song, even though they're contradictory :P It's a great piece, it has a really great pulse to it, beautiful and relaxing. Awesome job!

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