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Making my goal

2009-07-23 03:06:28 by Eonomine


It's taken all summer, but I can happily say that I am nearly done with the orchestral piece. I took a break for about a month, but now I'm flying through it. I can expect to be putting an ending in place very soon, before I leave for University again ;)


Another song from my vault!

2009-07-01 22:41:17 by Eonomine

I've posted another song from my vault, a choir/woodwind piece. I think both would sound good lol. There are no lyrics currently.

Also an update:

I've been playing games on Kongregate with their badge system. Since Kongregate has opened up an audio and image area too, I'll probably be there more often than here, posting here when I remember.

First Upload

2009-06-09 01:42:23 by Eonomine

I uploaded my first musical composition. (Well, as soon as it's approved at least) It's called A Dreary Fall Day

Hey, might as well.

2009-01-17 03:24:13 by Eonomine

Got myself a new trombone! It's a beautiful trigger tenor. As soon as I get the pictures off my camera, I'll put one up. Yay shiny brass instruments.